Present to you the Goldfinch project, a decentralized lending platform that provides cryptocurrency loans without collateral. This is the new Defi protocol that allows almost anyone to become a lender. These actions lead to revolutionary processes today. In turn, this can push developing countries towards accelerated development. And in general…

ECO: A Global Currency Protocol Design Proposal March 1, 2018 Overview Eco is designing a global currency protocol, an open source platform that is not controlled by any single individual, organization or nation. Eco aims to create a verified network of global universities and reputable organizations to help design, build…

ECO: Глобальный валютный протокол (ECO: A Global Currency Protocol перевод с оригинала)

Проектное предложение
1 марта 2018 года


ОЭС разрабатывает глобальный валютный протокол, платформу с открытым исходным кодом, которая не контролируется ни одной организацией, организацией или страной. …


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