Goldfinch (Flight Academy)

Present to you the Goldfinch project, a decentralized lending platform that provides cryptocurrency loans without collateral. This is the new Defi protocol that allows almost anyone to become a lender. These actions lead to revolutionary processes today. In turn, this can push developing countries towards accelerated development. And in general, it should serve the society a double benefit. Lenders have a good interest, the borrower has access to finance. Many people see this process of unequal distribution of resources on the planet, and limited access for people in developing countries to finance. Now everything can change because anyone can provide finance for a loan for those in need. Being in different parts of the planet, people will be able to help each other.

A start has been made, the project launched the Flight Academy program. At this stage, all interested can get acquainted with the project on the website and take part in building a new stage in financial relations. This event aims to provide the community of sponsors with the basic concepts and tools for evaluating debt capital markets transactions. The event will run for 6 weeks. Each week there is a new module. First week introduction to the protocol and explanation of the role of the community (sponsors). Several articles contributed by the Goldfinch team should be read. Check out the videos posted (3 videos explaining the protocol, 1 introduction to the Flight Academy, 2 an introduction to Goldfinch, 3 the role of sponsors). You also need to join the community on Discord where you can find all the information you are interested in, if you don’t even manage to find something, you can always ask for advice. Welcome to the project we are building the future, our future which is in our hands! Pleasant flight!